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However, you use the returned value after that as well, without checking for NULL. The simple solution is to add more checks for NULL. OpenCV GUI Error Handler. Bad argument ( Invalid histogram header[ s] ) in function cvCompareHist, C: \ User\ VP\ opencv\ cv\ src\ cvhistogram. cpp( 414) Press " Abort" to. Null pointer ( The image has NULL data pointer) in function cvGetMat. I do not think opencv has a proper event handler to catch the window close event like in other GUI toolkit ( wxPython etc). So you will need to define how your users should close the window and watch out for that. 実際は, Leaf モードとParent モードの動作は, エラーハンドラによって実装され, これら は上述の説明通りの挙動を示します.. また, 状態が不明な場合, この関数は NULL ポインタを返します.. CXCORE自身や, CV( コンピュータビジョン) , CVAUX( 補助的 コンピュータビジョン) , HIGHGUI( 可視化, 画像/ 動画の取得) は, モジュールの一例. I don' t know if this answer is useful after all this time, but you need to use an empty string instead of a null pointer.

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    Null opencv pointer

    Try with: createTrackbar( num1, " ", & val1, 255, NULL) ;. I' m using the function setMouseCallback within a program which shows me in a GUI the image/ depthmap of a ASUS XITON PRO. OpenCV Error: Null pointer ( NULL window handler) in cvSetMouseCallback, file. I am getting some null pointer errors when executing the release version of some image processing code I wrote this week. It has been a long time since I have worked with C/ C+ +, so I am pretty confused. I am working with. OpenCV Error: Null pointer ( NULL guiReceiver ( please create a window) ). guiReceiver ( please create a window) ) in cvDestroyWindow, file / home/ brian/ opencv/ modules/ highgui/ src/ window_ QT. cpp, line 497 terminate called. OpenCVは, エラー内容に応じたエラーコードを定義しているだけでなく, エラー メッセージ表示機能, 例外処理機能を提供. StsNullPtr, ヌルポインタが渡ってくるべき でない箇所でヌルポインタが渡された. モジュールにて定義# include < iostream> / / 1 チャンネルの画像しか受け付けない関数 void testFunc( cv: : InputArray src_ ).

    1) Error: Null pointer ( No trackbar found) in cvSetTrackbarPos, file / opt/ opencv/ modules/ highgui/ src/ window_ gtk. cpp, line 1507 terminate called after throwing an instance of ' cv: : Exception' what( ) : OpenCV( 3.