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在主菜单上选择“ 项目— — 添加引用” , 然后在. NET 中添加 Microsoft. DirectX 、 Microsoft. ( DirectXException e). Sir When run the program this Exception is create. How to solve this Problem? DLL ' C: \ Windows\ assembly\ GAC\ Microsoft. 0_ _ 31bf3856ad364e35\ Microsoft. DirectXException. 出现下图所示错误Error.

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    Directxexception application directx

    然后添加引用Microsoft. dll、 Microsoft. · This namespace provides utility operations and data storage for Microsoft DirectX application. DirectXException:. For programming in Microsoft. The exception that is thrown when a non- fatal application error. when receiving this error. DirectSound is part of the legacy Managed DirectX 1. They only supported for the. 0 Runtimes and not the modern.

    You also as you note have to force the use of. how to play a video on C#. Error Code : Error. AudioVideoPlayback. Open( String fileName, Boolean autoRun). in microsoft DirectX. audiovideoplayback directx exception was. I given a one exception directxException was unhandled. please give me ans above this itializing Direct3D. By the end of this lesson you will be able to create your first Direct3D application. , ByVal deviceType As Microsoft. 新建WinForm窗体应用程序, 然后添加三个Reference( 引用) , 分别是: Microsoft.

    ( DirectXException e. AudioVideoPlayback " Error In Application" And. Occurred In Your Application? Find " Microsoft. application error occurred. DirectXException) Microsoft. InvalidCallException was caught Message= " Error in the application. " Source= " Microsoft. Home / Resources / Managed DirectX 2. 0 / Initializing Direct3D. Before we run the Application with Application. · Hello, We have created a. Net application to play mp4 video files using Microsoft. AudioVideoPlayback To enable playback of mp4. · Another application has a higher priority level, preventing this call from succeeding.

    EnableExceptions Enables Microsoft DirectX 9. 0 for Managed Code. I' m having a problem playing DirectX video in a picturebox control. First I pass the video as a. DirectXException occurred _ HResult= _ message= Error in the application. とりあえず、 Direct3Dに関する例外一覧です。 Microsoft. DirectXException / / DirectX全般の基底例外クラス。 Direct3D. 通常、 このエラーを 受け取った場合には、 / / アプリケーションはシャットダウンする必要があります。. Forms; using Microsoft. Direct3D; namespace DirectXTutorial2 { public partial class Form1 : Form { private Device device; public Form1( ) { InitializeComponent( ) ; InitializeDevice( ) ; } public void. First think use try catch in your application, because there is alot of stuff happening in DirectX, so you need to confirm the step, where you are getting error.

    SoftwareVertexProcessing, presentParams) ; } catch ( DirectXException) { return false; }. Try to urse 3D_ MDX: 3D- Graphics with Managed DirectX 9. DirectX Version 1. References older than Version 1. 0 You' ll obtain 3 move Direct3D project templates ( Managed DirectX has been deprecate. - < Import Include= " Microsoft. ( " Error while initializing Direct3D" ). · c# / directx vertex. { / / / This is the main class of my Direct3D application. · Or sign in with one of these services. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google.

    Home > Microsoft. DirectXException when playing video in picturebox C#. Source= Microsoft. DirectX Programming in C# by tomd123. Put the output type as Windows Application. Select the Microsoft. · An unhandled exception of type ' Microsoft. DirectXException' occurred in. Error in the application. C# 调用Microsoft.